Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SPORTING-SAILS - An Original Story by Chandley McKinnon

SPORTING-SAILS in Sunny San Francisco

by Chandley McKinnon, Sporting-Sail Ambasador - 5/2/2011

"I woke up yesterday morning to 3 different construction projects happening on my block. I'm living on Stockton and Greenwich, base camp for Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill. I have been skating the hills as much as possible and taking every chance to skate into work at Patagonia. I love my morning commute. SO when I got home from classes yesterday I saw that they were just about finished paving Greenwich St.! For me it was like 18 inches of fresh powder on the mountain and I watched from my window and waited until the trucks pulled away.

I grabbed my skate, threw my helmet on and charged up the hill with my sail to slide down that brand new sweet black sheet of glass we call asphalt. My friend and roommate Tony Comella was able to snap some pics and a video and I got to enjoy an impromptu rogue skate session right out front my house. It was a great Monday my friend!"

Deploy and Enjoy.